067: Tafa Jefferson, Retired NFL Player, Making a Difference

September 7, 2018

Tafa Jefferson has never taken an easy path. He started football late, not playing until his senior high school season. After choosing UOP, the school dropped its football program. Undaunted Tafa stayed at UOP and worked his way through the schools emerging entrepreneurial program.

After graduation, Tafa was drafted in the 1st round of the NFL Europe draft by the Chicago Bears. Before he could get started, injuries to both his and his shoulder ended his football career before it truly began.

His transition into a new profession was borne from solitude, a common theme on Finding Your Summit. Tafa reflected, “I’m 23 now. I’m in decent shape physically. What am I going to be when I grow up? What am I going to do the next 50 years?”

Used to a rugged path, rather than finding a job, Tafa decided to hire himself. Tafa’s resilience and his education were such that on his mom’s advice, he decided to get into the senior healthcare business.

Fast forward through a LOT of learning and work, Tafa is now a successful businessman. He sits on the American Board of Home Care. His company Amada Senior Care, has franchises all over the nation. He continues to help fellow NFL players transition from life on the grid iron to whatever is next on their path.

When discussing paths, Tafa mentions former NFL QB Ryan Leaf. “I have to hand it to Ryan, he crashed, burned and still ended up becoming a better man. I’m aware of what he’s done in the community. We have to ask ourselves, is there meaning in our day-to-day work? Do we have passion? Are we making a difference?”

Making a difference in the lives of many, that’s a path we can all enjoy. #podcast #tafa #amada #episode #nfl #summit

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