201 Rewind: Jake Olson, Blind Football Player

May 7, 2021

While I am in Nepal preparing for my epic Mt Everest & Lhotse climb, here’s a “Rewind” replay of one of my most popular episodes with Jake Olson. 

In life, there are different things that hit you at different times, but what’s important is how you get back up when this happens. One of the hardest thing that can hit you in life is being diagnosed with retinoblastoma as early as 8 months old. Because of this rare eye cancer, Jake Olson lost his eyes.

This setback however, did not keep him from living a life with amazing opportunities that led him to become a blind football player. But other than playing as the long snapper for the USC Trojans, Jake has also set-up a foundation called Out Of Sight Faith and is the author of Open Your Eyes. Learn more of his amazing journey as a kid who lost his eyes but never stopped playing sports.

FYS 32 | Blind Football Player

The thing that makes Jake such a unique soul is that the guy is blind and he plays in the football team. He plays on the USC football team. He’s a snapper and he got in two games in the 2017 season. He’s the first D1 football athlete ever to do so. The guy is just a remarkable dude. He is a guy that had a rare form of cancer in his eyes. He lost his first one when he was just a youngster. Years later when he was twelve, he lost the other one. Through that whole process, he formed a relationship with the old great college football coach, Pete Carroll of USC.

That morphed into something and the next thing he knew, he was invited to come out and walk on at USC, and there he is. He documented what it’s like. He was sitting there in Heritage Hall. He’s got his guide dog next to him, and just is so far ahead of the game on so many people. He’s written a couple of books, has a foundation, and just continues to inspire a lot of people. One of the better pods I have done. Remember to always rate, review, go in and help us out. Give us some love. Let’s get on to a great episode with Jake.

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