211: The Oldest American To Ever Climb Mount Everest

August 27, 2021

In today’s episode of ‘Finding your Summit’ podcast, host Mark Pattison, former NFL Player, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Mountaineer has now climbed the Seven Summits. He talks with guest Art Muir who shares his personal experience and journey of climbing up the mountains. They both discuss their journey of climbing up Mount Everest and recall their past experiences.

Episode Highlights

  • 03.47 – Mark & Art talk about their 45 days off the mountain experience, which they did together.
  • 05.57 – As per Art, we have to be ready physically as well as mentally while climbing up.
  • 06.51 – According to Art, we have to be lucky in terms of having the right weather conditions as these mountains are really demanding.
  • 11.02 – In Art’s opinion, the biggest advantage is when we see it through their eyes and we start to identify with them.
  • 12.40 – Art states that he went to a small high school in Denver which allowed him to do everything he wanted to do in terms of sports.
  • 14.48 – He highlights that he went to the Jim Whittaker expedition towards the North, at the risk of losing his job.
  • 18.08 – The guest points out that he ended up going down to Ecuador to find these Volcanoes & what he discovered was so interesting.
  • 19.35 – Art Muir shares that he got an offer for a trip to Mount Elbrus; it’s the highest mountain in Europe.
  • 22.20 – As per Art, when we get older, we tend to be afraid to take action to do new things.
  • 24.02 – Mark says that to challenge ourselves we need to put ourselves in a position where we’re going to grow.
  • 26.39 – According to Mark we’re all social creatures and we only get the community if we put ourselves out there.
  • 28.03 – Mark stresses that so much of what happens on Mount Everest, at the end of the day, comes down to luck.
  • 30.00 – The guest states that he tried to ensure he was moving at a pace where he can continue to move to get where he is going and that usually works pretty well.
  • 32.43 – Art Muir states that it’s hard to move around because they have to carry all their stuff.
  • 34.22 – He highlights that they can always see their climbing at night, no matter where they are.
  • 36.24 – Art Muir tells that he didn’t have any accident while climbing up Mount Everest because he was really careful about trying to place his feet where he wanted them.
  • 38.32 – He reveals that when the wind died, it changed everything; it just made things so much more enjoyable.
  • 40.00 – Art expresses that it was a really emotional moment when he saw that Cornice Ridge that runs through the Hillary step.
  • 42.48 – He says that amongst the people who had gone up, somebody came down and died.
  • 44.00 – Art Muir shares that it was an absolute feeling of job done, mission accomplished to go home. He was on the top for seven minutes.
  • 46.08 – The host says that he wasn’t consuming those kinds of calories which he needed to consume for going up.
  • 48.31 – Mark says that he spent the entire night at 26,500 feet with no O’s.
  • 51.01 – According to the guest, when we’re older, we become less aware of thirst, and it’s not good.
  • 53.56 – As per the guest, mental toughness is a huge factor.
  • 55.57 – Art Muir stresses that they were so lucky this year to have such a fantastic group of people on the team.
  • 57.06 – In his view, if we do the right kind of exercise then we can do amazing things.

3 Key Points

  1. When we get older, we should continue to keep doing new things and not be afraid to take some of these adventures.
  2. Older people need to get out and keep doing things, meet new people, try new things and do some real exercise.
  3. It doesn’t matter who we are, we have to do the work by ourselves. There are no Sherpas, there are no porters, nobody does the work for us, and there are no shortcuts.

Tweetable Quotes

Some days are better than others, but some days are really hard, and you have to be able to find a way to focus and hang in there and not give up.” – Art Muir

You just become part of a team where you’re looking kind of through their eyes; you can’t see yourself really because there aren’t any mirrors.” – Art Muir

I think it’s a disadvantage to look at me. Oh, there you guys are like really old, you can see it old guy but for me now seeing a bunch of people who were younger stronger, better, just more capable, more enthusiastic.” – Art Muir

There’s no end of opportunities.” – Art Muir

You’re all trying to get ready, you’re in each other’s way, a lot of elbows and feet and stuff like that.” – Art Muir

I’ve fallen or harassed because I wasn’t careful and I fallen on a ladder so, my track record was exactly stellar.” – Art Muir

I kind of go up to Mount at the top of Mount Everest, and I’m expecting to have this area would which is flat where I can kind of stand up and enjoy the fact that I’m on top of the mountain and there is no flat area.” – Art Muir

So, you talked about, you know, starting to get your stuff ready with hour to before and we had 20 minutes and that is not a way to go take on Mount Everest.” – Mark Pattison

You have to climb Mount Everest, but you don’t have to sit on a couch thinking I can never do this.” – Art Muir

So, my message really is that people should be doing those types of seeking out those types of exercise. It’s good for them and they’ll have a better life.” – Art Muir

Mountain was such a test of endurance, nothing else.” – Mark Pattison


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