213: David Vobora Podcast

September 10, 2021

In today’s episode of ‘Finding your Summit’ podcast, host Mark Pattison, former NFL Player, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Mountaineer, who has climbed the Seven Summits, talks with guest David Vobora (Former NFL Football Player | Professional Speaker | Founder – Adaptive Training Foundation). In this podcast, they dig into the incredible work that David has been doing. David also shares that how he perceives his Foundation – ATF growing in the near future in terms of the level and the amount of lives it’s going to impact.

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Episode Highlights

  • 01:40: – Mark introduces and welcomes guest David Vobora and asks him about his experiences and journey as he was picked for 2008 NFL draft.
  • 04:36: – Mark says that he is always surprised at how David made it all the way up into the NFL.
  • 06:24: – “So anybody that’s listening to this podcast, this first part of the pod is all about me because I want to hear about your football stuff.” states Mark.
  • 09:10: – David counsels anybody who is looking for an edge to not to take supplements and instead figure out other ways.
  • 11:20: – Mark asks David about transitioning out from NFL and how he got inspired to start ATF – Adaptive Training Foundation.
  • 13:19: – David mentions that at his Foundation, he uses the Weight Room as a way to see how he can help other athletes.
  • 15:00: – He reveals that they provide cost free training for people with disabilities; they run a nine week program, and after training, they take them on a week’s redeployment.
  • 16:45: – Mark talks about his experience and goals including climbing Mount Everest and Seven Summits.
  • 19:45: – David points out that he can evaluate the risk and then make a decision, but ultimately, he can’t be safe, and that’s what they teach these athletes and accordingly enlists them.
  • 21:30: – The guest refers to Mark and says that when he does something like Everest, he is evaluating the risk and making the choice of the other tradeoffs that he is not going to be able to point bandwidth and energy toward.
  • 23:45: – Mark asks David how he gets those guys that have so many obstacles against them to take that kind of massive leap to get to where they want to go to and become the best version of themselves.
  • 26:00: – David states, “Courage is action in the face of fear and I believe vulnerability is the most powerful way to exhibit true courage.”
  • 28:00: – David thinks he started ATF because he recognized the need and it felt good as his passion was meaningful to serve such people, but he also did it as a distraction so that he didn’t have to deal with some of his own stuff.
  • 30:02: – He mentions that there are over 250 jaw dropping motivational stories that are significantly impactful, out of which he narrates one.
  • 31:30: – David explains how they use the ‘Somatic Emotional Release’ method which is basically using breath work to dance a tightrope between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.
  • 33:42: – Mark enquires about David’s “Ellen experience”.
  • 36:10: – He asks David about how he sees ATF growing in the near future in terms of the level and the amount of lives it’s going to touch.
  • 37:42: – David says that they will be offering adaptive classes, something in line with the Master Class for nine weeks and they are building a Hybrid Digital Infrastructure for it.
  • 39:55: – He suggests people checking into ATF Website (www.teamatf.org) for Sponsorship and Donation opportunities.

3 Key Points

  1. As per David, football and the opportunity to be in the NFL was a platform for him to do the most significant work of his life — which is what he is doing as Founder at his Adaptive Training Foundation, a Non-profit organization.
  2. David mentions that no matter who you are, you can transcend just about any type of pain and suffering, when you have intrinsic value and worth. That type of person is unstoppable.
  3. David expresses that ATF has given him permission, it has made his life much richer and more meaningful and that it has also endowed his family with a perspective that if he leaves earth tomorrow, he will be incredibly proud of.

He also talks about the future of ATF stating that it is going to be a model that is scalable. Moreover, a digital infrastructure and a docuseries is going to tell stories for maximizing support awareness.

Tweetable Quotes

Yeah, so it’s funny to set the stage here. I was slated as a mid-to-late round pick right for whatever that is in the imperfect science that is the NFL Draft.” – David Vobora

So, you know, but at the end of the day you and I got drafted around the same year seventh round I’m a seventh round.” – Mark Pattison

Had I been on steroids, my physique would have looked drastically different, I would say with how much I was working out.” – David Vobora

But those who know me, those that have seen me and continue to see my life since then, say that let’s listen this guy’s characters is of high value.” – David Vobora

There was a lot of writing on the wall where I used football to achieve so people would applaud so they wouldn’t ask me what the hell was really going on inside.” – David Vobora

So, all of that to say, pretty soon I had 30 or 40 adaptive athletes, most of which were military and first responder amputees, spinal cord injuries, neurological diseases like Parkinsons.” – David Vobora

That’s the beauty of this podcast, you know, I think the mountain humbles all people at some point.” – David Vobora

So, just to have the mindset of the champion to do that particular thing, right!” – Mark Pattison

There are lots of stories like this, but is there one that sticks out, you know, one more than the other.” – Mark Pattison

I think the root is what we’ve touched on today which is storytelling, right, people find themselves in other people’s stories.” – David Vobora

I have 30 above knee amputees in my class on the hybrid digital, and we’re going to do a once-a-week live interface where I’m going to take them to a workout….” – David Vobora

If you see a video and it resonates with you, it captivates you and motivates you; share it, tag me, because you never know who in your sphere of influence is going to see that post or share and be touched.” – David Vobora


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Adaptive Training Foundation Website

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