233: Paul McDonald Podcast

February 4, 2022

In today’s episode of the ‘Finding your Summit’ podcast, host Mark Pattison, former NFL Player, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Mountaineer who has climbed the Seven Summits talks with guest, Paul McDonald, a former American Football Quarterback in the NFL for the Cleveland Browns and Dallas Cowboys. Paul discusses his football journey as a Quarterback, how he got into it, his parent’s contribution to it, and he also shares about his book which is going to launch in a few months.

Episode Highlights

  • 03:10 – Mark refers to Paul as a remarkable guy. He is from Southern California and his identity for such a long time was as Quarterback.
  • 04:56 – Paul shares how he became a Quarterback in football.
  • 07:19 – Paul was in a national championship game, he went to Rose Bowls, and he fulfilled his goal from when he was a youngster, which was to be on TV—which he was.
  • 09:25 – We had a great team, but he had to do his job and he did his job within the scheme of the offense, reveals Paul.
  • 11:03 – Paul had a great team around him when he was at USC and they had a lot of success, so that was the reason he got drafted.
  • 13:15 – Mark enquires about the kind of sacrifice that enabled Paul to create this life that he’s had.
  • 15:19 – Paul shares that his parents were janitors and they did that through his high school career, and it was that money that allowed them to pay the tuition.
  • 17:48 – Paul mentions his parents in his book in the chapter under gratitude.
  • 18:56 – Mark says that he had this kind of awakening moment in Las Vegas a few years ago, which ultimately lead to this book.
  • 20:43 – Mark asks Paul what happened in Vegas that kind of led to these changes, that is putting you on a really good path towards this next chapter of your life?
  • 22:07 – Paul shares, his first job was at Wells Fargo Bank, which was an awesome job as a private banker.
  • 24:05 – Paul mentions that he was married so young, he felt like he missed out on life because he got really serious.
  • 29:50 – When we’re around fear on a non-stop basis, we can’t help but begin to take that on. So, having a sense of gratitude can move us through fear.
  • 32:26 – People don’t take the time out to answer because they’re walking around in their subconscious mode.
  • 35:06 – Power of curiosity can elevate us to the whole other level, states Mark.
  • 36:56 – We all need to hold a hand out and pull each other up out of the pits of whatever they’re dealing with, with compassion and love—that’s what the world needs.
  • 38:39 – It’s time to put the hand out and admit when we’re wrong, and be okay with others having a differing opinion, says Paul.
  • 40:16 – Paul mentions, he is going to launch the book in conjunction with the website which is gamechangernation.com. There’s something in that book for everybody.
  • 41:34 – All we can do is learn from our mistakes and try to grow as an individual and be the best version of ourselves.

Three Key Points

  1. Collage image with mountainous background displaying Finding Your Summit logo, episode number and photos of both Mark Pattison and Paul McDonaldPaul shares that he had been a quarterback for years in American high school, in college, and then NFL and that was it.
  2. It’s important to have people in life that believe in us. We can do things on our own, and probably have success, but if we have somebody in our corner that’s guiding us, supporting us at our progress, being there as a mechanism when we have questions or doubts—it could be our parents, friends, mentor, a supervisor, somebody we work for—is hugely important in life.
  3. Paul says what we all need to do is snap out of that autopilot mode and step out of it and be conscious. We need to take the time to understand who we are and what’s important to us, why we’re here, and what we want to do with our lives, and that’s the crux of the book.

Tweetable Quotes

I did have a good head on my shoulders, and I did have a work ethic.” – Paul McDonald

When you win as a team, everybody benefits.” – Paul McDonald

My dad was forced to quit high school. He loved sports, and he was a good football player.” – Paul McDonald

We didn’t have discretionary money to afford a private high school.” – Paul McDonald

My parents are doing whatever they could for me to be able to go there.” – Paul McDonald

I talked about mentorship in the book, and that’s hugely important.” – Paul McDonald

You have to have a sense of abundance to receive more abundance.” – Paul McDonald

The key to an abundant life is to be satisfied with what you have and not obsess with what you don’t.” – Mark Pattison

Paul McDonald is a guy that has come back in my life.” – Mark Pattison

The key is to be comfortable enough in your skin and vulnerable enough to admit it.” – Paul McDonald

There are a billion different truths out there from everyone’s perspective, and it’s all different, but we can all work together—we can all appreciate what other people’s opinions are.” – Paul McDonald

Big point you make in this book is staying present because that’s where all the magic happens…..” – Mark Pattison


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