077: Andy Hnilo – Unmasked and Radiating Health

Andy Hnilo – Unmasked and Radiating Health

The Curb

March 20, 2011 – Andy Hnilo was hit by a Land Rover as he stepped off the curb on Melrose in Los Angeles. Thrown across the street a Toyota Tundra hit him again. One accident, twice hit by trucks, a broken jaw, 7 broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and somehow he survived.

With the shattered jaw and a mouthful of broken teeth, Hnilo began relearning to chew, close his mouth and talk. His jaw required meticulous and ongoing reconstruction. Even now years later, the process of fine-tuning his bite and jaw alignment continues. Andy rejected defeat and doubled down on his passion forcing himself to focus on recovering and resilience.

The Regimen

Prior to the accident, Andy worked as a model and actor. His weekly routine required that he stay fit, eat a strict diet and care for his skin. Andy knew, despite his injuries, his path to healing lay in his regimen.

His determination focused, a year after his accident, he was back as a model shooting a 5-page spread for Grey’s anatomy. Throughout his healing, Andy sought to improve his skincare. Unhappy with the expensive, unnatural products recommended by his doctors, Hnilo worked to find a better way. Always a fan of sourcing ingredients that promoted a healthy visage, Andy developed a mask that worked to feed his skin while healing his scars; people noticed.

A Good Turn

His recovery created momentum towards opportunities. First, a friend noticed how healthy his skin looked after his accident and asked Andy to pay a visit and give her a mask treatment. Next, thrilled with the results, she began telling her friends. Soon, Andy was cooking up masks in his kitchen for more than just friends.

However, remarkable Andy’s comeback was, the rebuilding of his life was just beginning.

The quality of the product quickly spread via word of mouth. Suddenly,  the Skin Institute approached Andy and wanted to feature his mask on their site. Without a website or even a company, Andy had a hit on his hands and Alitura Naturals was born.

Looking to work with Dave Asprey at Bulletproof Nutrition, Asprey is a huge influencer in the health and wellness world, Andy sent an unsolicited email with pictures of his healing progress; Asprey also noticed. Asprey made Andy a brand ambassador and featured his masks on his website. Andy made an appearance on Dave’s hit podcast, and things change. Andy no long had a small kitchen powered word of mouth side hustle. Now, Hnilo was a hit, he’s hired 6 employees, his products are available in over 60 countries. He is in negotiations to take his products to the retail market.

Without ever intending to become one, Andy is a successful business owner. Hnilo now spends his days not chasing acting gigs or modeling jobs but in conversations with the worlds biggest beauty and wellness brands. Not bad for a guy that walked in front of a truck one night.

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