Announcing New Partnership with HIGHER GROUND!!

May 26, 2020
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I am really excited to be partnering with Higher Ground in 2020 and beyond. They stand for everything I have been building up my entire life and now we are coming together to pay it forward as I take on Mt Everest & Lhotse in 2021.

I love this cause because Higher Ground uses recreation, therapy, and continued support to give people of all abilities a better life. Through adventure & support, Higher Ground’s goal is to help build awareness of the therapeutic advances being made for those living with epilepsy, seizure disorders and traumatic brain injuries. Higher Ground employs Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists to ensure the safety and well being of every participant no matter what challenges they face. Together, we will bridge the gap between disability and belonging.

Where the roads crossed is when I had a fundraising event in Sun Valley, Idaho January 3rd 2020 which was called Emilia’s Everest. The goal was to raise $29,029 which we accomplished to help bring awareness around my daughters Epilepsy. The amount was tied to the height of Mt Everest which I was supposed to be on this Spring (2020) but the world shut down. This became an opportunity to partner with Higher Ground and recreate a new challenge in 2021 called Emilia’s Everest: The Lhotse Challenge. We are now going to raise an additional $27,940 which is the height of Lhotse which is the 4th highest mountain in the world and attempted within 24 hours of summiting Everest.

Leading up to this event, The Higher Ground team has generously invited me to engage with those that come through the program in Sun Valley, Los Angeles and New York. It will also give my daughter an opportunity to be involved in camps and meet others that are afflicted with seizure conditions. Such empowerment for everyone involved! For more information, you can see here: