Avalanche at 20,000’

April 19, 2021
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Very early in the morning we heard a huge thunderous avalanche which has really become a daily occurrence.

Our original plan was to hike up the Khumba Ice Fall and go halfway, experience it and then return to base camp.

As we gathered for breakfast, we could see helicopters buzzing and going up into the Khumba Ice Fall.

Two of the Sherpas from another team had been hit by the ice and were injured and had to be flown off the mountain.

Because the route was damaged, we had to call an audible and make other plans to climb to continue our acclimatization.

We decided to climb Prayer Flag trail, a moderate climb up to 18,200’. We had a plan, had to change it and made the best of things. The Sherpas will be ok but certainly the Ice Fall can be dangerous and flexibility is needed at all times.