Rewind 074: Charles Plumb is Packing His Parachute with Personal Adversity

October 25, 2018

Capt Charles Plumb

Charles Plumb is Packing His Parachute with Personal Adversity

Charles Plumb talks about the rewards of personal adversity; we need to pay attention. In this Rewind episode, we discuss three things. First, Charles’ philosophy of packing your own parachute. Next, recognizing that adversity is a terrible thing to waste. Finally discipline the mind, body and soul.

Packing Your Parachute

Packing your parachute means being humble. During his younger years as a Top Gun pilot, actually the first one, he thought everyone on the aircraft carrier was there to support his mission. Those 5000 people actually all support one another in accomplishing a lager goal. The guy that cuts your hair, the sailor that feeds the pilot each is integral. Realizing these moments in our own lives and  remaining humble is elemental to create a sound life founding platform.

Adversity Not Wasted

Charles admittedly has a wonderful life. “The life I have, I couldn’t dream of it, but adversity was the cost.”

Adversity is a terrible thing to waste,” says Capt Charles Plumb. He knows about rough times. A fighter pilot in Vietnam, Charles was shot down, captured, beaten and tortured by his captors at the Hanoi Hilton. Charles spent 5 years in captivity. That experience heled shape the man Charles is today.

“Challenges are often the best things that can happen to a person.” 

Consequently, focusing on the opportunity provided by adversity, rather than becoming bitter unlocks opportunity. This positive orientation transforms adversity into stepping stones to success. There’s a high-cost to a wonderful life; adversity gives you credit towards acquiring it.

Discipline: Mind Body and Soul

Disciplining the mind, body and soul prevents going off the deep-end when challenges present themselves. It’s easy to let a single moment of failure be the biggest moment of one’s life. Instead, Capt Plumb wants people to take that moment and refuse to let it define them in the negative.

Remember, Mark’s dad’s words, “Tough times come and go, but tough people go on forever.”

Finally, be like Charles, when adversity is offered, grab it and use it to make you a better, stronger more complete person.

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