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YPO Forum Retreats

Summit a mountain, climb an 800 foot sheer wall. We don’t offer an amusement park ride. This isn’t a ropes course. This is real learning, real adventure, and real business application in a challenging, safe, and direct learning environment. We use adventure as a tool to teach and experience leadership development not as an experience to distract from the task at hand. Our curriculum expedites the learning process and allows your team to focus with clarity, intention, and respected individual strengths. This is not a “team building “junket” – this is real-world direct application. 
We customize our programs to fit your desired outcomes and needs. Some groups prefer a half-day on-site workshop while others prefer a two-day immersion off-site. Off-site locations range from lodges and resorts to rustic wilderness settings; from Auberge properties in Napa to a private wilderness camp in Joshua Tree, California or the Omega Retreat in upstate New York. We work with you to create the ideal environment for learning.

Team Development Adventures

  • Improved communication between team members and removal of hierarchical barriers
  • Remove obstacles that impede creativity
  • Clearly defined organizational and team objectives and goals
  • Identify team strengths and challenges while highlighting individual strengths
  • Create an environment for innovative problem solving that relies on internal skills and strengths
Programs are custom developed - connect with us today for a consultation to create the adventure leadership development experience that is best for your team.
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