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Stories with ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary things. Hosted by Mark Pattison.

168: John Foley is an original. Full of positive energy, he is not only GLAD TO BE HERE but talks about bringing greatness to teams. He would know being the lead pilot as a Blue Angel!

John Foley How exactly did guest John Foley become a Blue Angel and what was his motivation? “Blue Angels are Navy fighter pilots. So, we ...
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166: Jason Piccolo is a former US Border Patrol, Narco Agent and Army vet who also served in Iraq. Listen to his amazing and Jack Ryan type stories of cloak and dagger trying to capture drugs, drug lords and human smuggling. Quite a life of intrigue..

Jason Piccolo Jason Piccolo was completely shocked after following his friend Chris’ advice to become a U.S. Border Patrol agent: “It is absolutely ‘cat and ...
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165: Dick Couch is a former Navy Seal who led multiple missions overseas including a POW rescue in Vietnam and worked in the CIA talks about what it was like and the kind of tactical leadership we need today.

Dick Couch How exactly did today’s guest Dick Couch, who grew up as a kid in Mississippi, become a Navy SEAL? “I can honestly say ...
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164: Steve Azar, country music legend with multiple hits on the charts goes behind the music and tells us where the inspiration for so many songs have come from

Steve Azar Steve Azar talks about interpreting COVID-19 through his music. “In some sort of weird way I have already done it. I’m about to ...
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163: Mariel Hemingway: Mariel Hemingway talks about navigating the pandemic, her acting career and how self care and mental wellness have become a major force in her life… She’s remarkable.

Mariel Hemingway What have Mariel Hemingway and her significant other Bobby done to anchor themselves in Southern California during the he COVID-19 pandemic? “We are ...
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