Finding Your Summit Podcast

Stories with ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary things. Hosted by Mark Pattison.

160: Meghan Buchanan: This Wonder Woman is a Rocket Science and climbing the Seven Summits but had to overcome her adversities to get there. Now she is inspiring others with her GGRIT!

Meghan Buchanan Being that Meghan Buchanan was all set to climb Mt. Everest before COVID-19, what was it like to have that massive goal put ...
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159: Rony Seikaly: Former NBA Star Rony Seikaly talks about his time growing up in war torn Beirut and then finding his way to the states

Rony Seikaly Rony Seikaly discusses his personal background and where he is from. “I was born in Lebanon and we left Lebanon at an early ...
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158: Randall Reeves: Inspiring others to do the impossible. Randall Reeves is the 1st person to circumnavigate the America’s and Antartica in a figure 8 by himself in 2018. Incredible.

Randall Reeves Find out what is involved in Randall Reeves’s goal to be the first person to circumnavigate the Americas and sail to Antarctica by ...
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157: Pastor Alvin Vaughn: Former high school and college basketball star at the University of Washington shares his insights on race relations with his former teammate David Koehler and myself.

Pastor Alvin Vaughn As a high school athlete in Seattle, Pastor Alvin Vaughn remembers witnessing the racial divide in the minds of people, even on ...
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