Finding Your Summit Podcast

Stories with ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary things. Hosted by Mark Pattison.

FYS 001 | College Football Analyst

001: Yogi Roth – College Football Analyst, Filmmaker & Scholar

I'm so jacked up because this is my first ever podcast and I'm starting out with a bang. I've got Yogi Roth and he is ...
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Coming Soon! Finding Your Summit Podcast With Mark Pattison

Mark Pattison is a former NFL player, entrepreneur, philanthropist and mountaineer who is now climbing the Seven Summits. Through his life's journey, business, sports & ...
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Listen to Yogi Roth's podcast episode with Mark on iTunes: Mark Pattison, a former football player at the University of Washington and the NFL ...
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NFL players and combat veterans join forces to save lives

When NFL players and NFL fans join forces with wounded military veterans ... lives get saved and mountains get conquered. Super Bowl champion and NFL ...
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How Jim Mora climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and joined the fight for clean water

For Jim Mora, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro was the easy part. It was everything else involving his six-day, 50-mile trek up the world’s highest free-standing mountain that ...
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Former NFL player is trying to scale the world’s Seven Summits

Former NFL player Mark Pattison is pursuing a very different sporting achievement than anything possible on the gridiron. The former wide receiver is more than ...
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Former Saint Mark Pattison halfway through the Seven Summits

Metaphorically, Mark Pattison scaled numerous mountains as an athlete. As a prep star at Roosevelt High in Seattle, he was an All-American receiver as a ...
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How a Former NFL Receiver Can Teach Us a Thing or Two About Catching Joy

  Hike one. Hike two. And the play begins. Credit to Mr. Heisman, the term “Hike” initiates the game of American football. Perhaps the term ...
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Mark Pattison taught Seahawks coach Jim Mora how to tame Tiger Mountain

Bring some comfortable running shoes, and be on the mountain at 6:30 in the morning. That’s the only warning Brian Russell and the rest of ...
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