The Epic Journey Kickoff


Today I began the long journey to travel across the world en route to Nepal with a stop in Dubai-  WOW.  Never thought leaving could be so challenging as it might be my biggest hurdle in my epic adventure to climb Everest and Lhotse.

I flew from Sun Valley, Idaho to LA 5 days ago to connect with old friends, see my daughters  of course, and recover a bit at sea level.

As my departure drew closer, saying goodbye is always hard.  Not so much for me but to all the well wishers, girlfriend, Claudette and Emilia plus a bunch of tears.  In my mind, I will 100% return.  It will just be whether Mother Nature cooperates. Of course, I don’t know exactly how my body will react to an 8 meter peak but only one way to find out.

Next steps, land in Dubai and spend the night, then onward to Katmandu tomorrow to clear customs on the 1st of April.
BTW:  flying Emirates isn’t a bad way to go.  Fantastic airline….