088: Kristy Sobel – Prize Fighter, The Prize is Life

Kristy Sobel

Kristy Sobel

Kristy Sobel is a humanitarian, world renowned speaker, and successful entrepreneur. Kristy founded a company creating multifunctional purses for people with neck and back problems and other special needs, and she grew that company to become a global brand and ultimately have manufacturers in four different countries around the world. She has been featured in InStyle Magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, Entrepreneur Magazine and others. Kristy is a living example of setting goals and powering through them.

In 2006, Kristy was victim to a devastating car accident in which she lost her unborn child and one of the discs in her back was shattered. The nightmare continued when an implant procedure went horribly wrong, damaging her nerves and leaving her in lifelong chronic pain. But Kristy found the incredible strength to rise to the challenge, and that served as the foundation for her Prizefighter program. For Kristy, the prize is life, and fighting means setting goals to keep living the life she wants, no matter what obstacles are put in her way.

On this episode of Finding Your Summit, Kristy shares her incredible story of loss, recovery, and digging deep to find the strength and willpower to keep going. Today, Kristy uses her story as a powerful reminder that you accomplish your own personal goals if you are prepared to have the tenacity, perseverance and focus to succeed. Please listen to Kristy’s story and allow it to inspire you to become a Prizefighter in your own life.

What You Will Learn:

  • Kristy shares her powerful, heartbreaking, inspiring story. The car accident that changed her life almost defeated her, but in the end Kristy decided to choose life over loss. She discusses how she found the strength to push through the pain and keep moving forward.
  • Learn why Kristy struggled to find the strength to grieve her loss because of the immense pain she was in, and learn how she finally came to terms with what had happened a full year later.
  • Kristy shares the toll her accident took on her marriage, and how she found the motivation to keep going by herself after she and her husband divorced.
  • Kristy discusses turning her pain and tragedy into a source of personal strength, finding a new purpose in life in the process. Through goal setting and having something positive to help focus and motivate her, Kristy was able to keep moving forward.
  • Learn how Kristy shares her story of tragedy and triumph with others through her Prizefighter 10-step program. Her powerful story now serves as inspiration for others all over the world, helping them find their own inner strength and achieve their own personal goals.

Surviving the Worst

The car accident changed everything about Kristy Sobel’s life. She lost her unborn daughter, her marriage fell apart, and the medical implant that was supposed to help her instead left her in intense, chronic pain. It was almost more than one person could hope to bear. And yet, when Kristy was at the darkest place, she made the conscious decision to choose life. Instead of allowing the darkness of her own sorrow to swallow her, Kristy awoke to her inner strength and became a prizefighter.

The story Kristy shares of fighting her way back from the brink of absolute despair is something we can all learn from. No matter how hard the road before her seemed, Kristy knew that she had to keep moving forward. That spirit and tenacity is something we can all channel in our own lives. We can all become prizefighters. Remember, life is the prize, and we must all fight to reach our personal goals and live the life we want.

Becoming the Best

Today, Kristy works as a humanitarian, goodwill ambassador, and world renowned speaker. By sharing her story of tragedy and triumph, Kristy inspires others to see their own potential, setting goals and meeting or exceeding them. Kristy teaches that no summit is too tall to climb, as long as we maintain a mindset of purpose, passion and possibility.

Kristy’s story is emotional and inspiring. Her journey has been painful, unimaginably difficult, and at times heartbreaking. But Kristy never gave up, and in the darkest part of her life she was able to find new strength and new purpose. That is a powerful and universal lesson that we can all integrate into our own lives.

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