Loving the Process and working my way towards Mt Everest..

Hey Everyone, this is my first blogpost on my NFL Page.  Thanks for reading!!  As some of you know, I have been on a quest to climb the Seven Summit for 8 years.  I have been on 6 of the 7 highest peaks on each continent having been on Denali twice (it was a mother) and successfully climbing Kilimanjaro twice during this period.

I started climbing because I was going through a tough time and needed something to pull me out of deep dark place I was in.  I did some research and discovered that no other NFL Player had ever climbed the Seven Summits so I decided to become that guy.  Yahoo, I’m super close…

8 years later, I am super close to my end goal with Mt Everest waiting on me.  If any of you ever have seen John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success, the top rung is called Competitive Greatness.  To get there you need complete all the steps in the journey by taking one step after another to get to your end point.  What I see more than anything are people coming up with phenomenal goals only to fall short.  Why?  Because they don’t truly love the process.  This is what gets you to the championship, the mountain top and to your end goal.

Start with your why and then dig in to what can become an amazing journey.  Nothing ever attained by anyone (except winning the lottery) was easy.  Remember, Pain is Temporary so figure out your true greatness and then go get it..


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