Loving the Process to Climb Mt Everest

December 21, 2019

Training for Everest is on.  Many people ask me what I do to prepare.  Train, train and train.  This goes back to Pyramid of Success which the famous Coach Wooden centered his UCLA basketball program around.  Essentially, there are 25 building blocks of individual and team goals that you achieve over time which can lead you to the pinnacle of success.

At the top of the pyramid is competitive greatness but to get there, you need to LOVE the process.  If you don’t like to train or work hard for something, it is really hard to pull off whether it’s your job or something athletic like I’m doing.  Each day, I do Crossfit in the morning (early) and then climb, bike, hike in the mountains in the late afternoon.

I love the process and rarely talk about the summit but that is not what it is all about.  Keep pushing yourself to get to the top and love the process to attain your goals.