Lukla to Phakding

April 5, 2021

Yesterday, April 4th (Easter) we got up at 4.30am in Katmandu ready to roll to Lukla and start the expedition. Lukla, known as the worlds most dangerous airport didn’t disappoint.

It is located in the Khumba Valley and positioned on a cliff with a short uphill runway. We successfully landed around 9am, had a good breakfast and off we went trekking through a trail that is thousands of years old.

Along the path there are countless Prayer Wheels with positive mantras that the Monks being Buddhist created centuries ago. It is tradition to be granted a mantra, you need to walk to the left of the Prayer Wheel.

We arrived in Phakding which is a tiny village along a river which you need to cross a sway bridge to reach the lodge where we are staying. I finally got some sleep (12 hours) after only getting around 3-4 hours per night due to jet lag the first week in Katmandu.