Mt Everest + Lhotse combo in 24 hours.

February 21, 2020

As many know, I have been trying to become the 1st NFL Player to climb the Seven Summits over the past 8 years.  In 2017, we had to turn around and abandon our quest on Denali due to a super storm and minus 80 degree temps.  The following year, 2018 I was able to successfully climb and summit Denali and certainly glad to have this behind me.  That is why it has stretched over 8 years vs 7.  Mountains as we know, are unpredictable.

With Mt Everest coming up this Spring of 2020, I have been training like a beast in altitude by living in Sun Valley, Idaho (6,000′) and want to add one more challenge to this dream.  Climb Mt Everest and then in the same 24 hour period, climb Lhotse which is the worlds 4th highest peak.  This is possible because from camp 4, otherwise known as the death zone, you sit in a saddle between both mountains.  Climbing Mt Everest will be a beast and should take around 14 hours to complete to get up to the top and then back down to our tents.  The plan is to rest for 8 hours and then get up in the middle of the night and make our way in the opposite direction to climb Lhotse which will be epic.

Rather than come back down, I will repel down the face and meet up with the others from camp 2.  Talk about putting your mind to work and train your ass off.  I’m all in.  Can’t wait.  Lifetime of dreams in front of me..