Nameche at 11,500ft

April 6, 2021

We made it to Nameche which sits high up on the hill perched at 11,500’. Good news is that I haven’t suffered any high altitude mountain sickness nor has the rest of the climbing team.

Today, we did a steep relatively short climb up to the Everest Hotel which is really a lookout point sitting on top of a ridge with a clear line of Ama Dablam, Mt Everest and Lhotse. Unfortunately, there was too much haze and wasn’t able to see the majestic mountains in the distance. Good news was the hike was fantastic with Yaks grazing and various climbing parties making their way up the Ridgeline. Later in the day, I went down into the village of Nameche and there are numerous mountain shops with all kinds of supplies.

Was able to get another charger for my Suunto watch and a Ascender which will go onto the fixed lines. Tomorrow we are off to gain more altitude. We still have 6500’ more to go before we land at Everest Base Camp.