005: Nick Hardwick – Broadcaster and Former San Diego Charger

Nick Hardwick is a former San Diego Charger who played 11 years in the NFL, made the Pro Bowl in 2006, is the co-host of sports talk radio XTRA 1360 in San Diego and was just hired to be on the broadcast team for the Chargers as they relocate to LA.

This is a super-interesting interview as Nick didn’t play high school football and walked on at Purdue after his sophomore year of college. Who does that and is drafted in the 3rd round? Nick Hardwick does!

Mark was fortunate to meet Nick in Tanzania on their Waterboy.org climb up Kilimanjaro as they raised funds to build water wells for the Maasai Tribe in the Serengeti.

Nick is at http://Twitter.com/Hardwina or https://www.facebook.com/hardwina/

It’s All In A State Of Mind

If you think you are beaten, you are,
If you think you dare not, you don’t,
If you like to win, but you think you can’t,
It’s almost a “cinch” you won’t.
If you think you’ll lose, you’ve lost,
For out in the world you find
Success begins with a fellow’s will;
It’s all in the state of mind.

Full many a race is lost
Ere ever a step is run;
And many a coward fails
Ere ever his work’s begun.
Think big and your deeds will grow,
Think small and you’ll fall behind,
Think that you can and you will;
It’s all in the state of mind.

If you think you’re outclassed, you are,
You’ve got to think high to rise,
You’ve got to be sure of yourself before
You can ever win a prize.
Life’s battles don’t always go
To the stronger or faster man,
But sooner or later, the man who wins,
Is the fellow who thinks he can.

-Walter D. Wintle