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Stories with fascinating people of amazing accomplishment. Hosted by Mark Pattison.

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FYS 015 | Sharing Our Journeys

015: Kathy Eldon on Sharing Our Journeys

Sep 15, 2017

Kathy Eldon is the founder of Creative Visions, an author of over 17 books, a filmmaker, a public speaker, and a warrior in the face of adversity. I interviewed one of the most amazing woman I’ve ever spoken to or…

014: NFL Hall Of Famer Morten Andersen

Sep 8, 2017

Mark interviews his long time friend and former teammate Morten Andersen, also nicknamed “The Great Dane.” Morten who is from Denmark, came to the United States as a exchange student, tried out for the football team as a kicker and…

FYS 13 | Astronaut & Doctor

013: Astronaut & Doctor Scott Parazynski

Sep 1, 2017

Scott Parazynski is a marvel of accomplishment. He was raised overseas before coming back to the states and attending Stanford. He then went on to become a doctor at that same university before being admitted into NASA program to become…

FYS 012 | Entrepreneur

012: Entrepreneur Mitch Russo

Aug 25, 2017

  The first thing I want to do is throw out some appreciation to everybody who has been downloading and listening and commenting on my podcast. I started this journey a couple of months ago. I wanted to throw it…

FYS 011 | Jerry Robinson

011: Jerry Robinson – Former Raiders and Eagles Player

Aug 18, 2017

We’ve got a great guest on. His name is Jerry Robinson. Jerry and I go way back. We’re teammates with the Raiders back in the day. Jerry is a guy that went to UCLA. He was a three-time All-American, ended…

FYS 10 | SHIFT Academy

010: Mark Bonchek of Shift Academy

Aug 11, 2017

Mark Bonchek is a PhD from Harvard and is on a mission to update leaders’ thinking in a digital age. He received his doctorate in Digital Strategy back in 1997 and was clearly ahead of his time as the internet…

009: Joe De Sena of Spartan Race and Death Race

Aug 4, 2017

We’ve got another really cool guest. His name is Joe De Sena. Joe is the Founder and CEO of Spartan Race, which is a crazy series of races that they have now all over the world. If you’ve never done…

FYS 008 | WaterBoys

008: Chris Long – NFL Defensive End & Founder

Jul 28, 2017

Chris Long is currently a defensive end for the Philadelphia Eagles. He was drafted by the St. Louis Rams as the 2nd overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft. Chris played for the New England Patriots last year and was…

FYS 007 | The Surrendered Wife

007: Laura Doyle on Marriage and “The Surrendered Wife”

Jul 21, 2017

Laura Doyle’s marriage was a painful reality. She didn’t understand what had happened but things were not as she had dreamed they would be. That’s when she made the choice that would change her entire life. She decided to begin…

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