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How a Former NFL Receiver Can Teach Us a Thing or Two About Catching Joy

By adminlev | April 28, 2016

  Hike one. Hike two. And the play begins. Credit to Mr. Heisman, the term “Hike” initiates the game of American football. Perhaps the term infiltrated the mindful mind of former UW and NFL receiver, Mark Pattison and programmed his neurotransmitters for what he would be and do next after he left the striped grass…


Mark Pattison taught Seahawks coach Jim Mora how to tame Tiger Mountain

By adminlev | August 20, 2008

Bring some comfortable running shoes, and be on the mountain at 6:30 in the morning. That’s the only warning Brian Russell and the rest of the secondary got from assistant coach Jim Mora before they arrived at Tiger Mountain one morning this offseason and looked up to see just how big of a challenge the…

Where Are They Now? Mark Pattison, former UW football star

By adminlev | August 20, 2006

Behind the precise patterns and sure-handed grabs, there was a quarterback lurking inside Mark Pattison. An NFL wide receiver by trade, he took practice snaps as the emergency signal-caller for the New Orleans Saints, placed in this role in the rare chance that starter Bobby Hebert and his backup both went down on game day.…

Retro toy maker crafts new classics

By adminlev | July 1, 2001

Back in the 1980s, when Mark Pattison was a Husky football player, he was known for things like 73-yard touchdown plays and acrobatic catches. Now Pattison, who spent five years playing pro ball for the Los Angeles Raiders and the New Orleans Saints, hopes to be known for something else: Front Porch Classics, a start-up…

111: Debra Meyerson, PhD: Retired Tenured Professor at Stanford University and Author, has not only overcome a stroke that attacked the right side of her body, but she is helping others cope by releasing her book “Identity Theft.”

110: Howard Behar: Retired President of Starbucks, Author, Speaker, and Adviser has helped Starbucks overcome obstacles to become the premium coffee company in the world by putting people first.

109: Chris Warner: Mountaineer, Entrepreneur, Emmy-Nominated Filmmaker, and Leadership Expert has reached his summit on some of the highest mountain peaks in the world.

108: JJ Birden: Ex-NFL wide receiver for the Browns, Cowboys, Chiefs, and Falcons has overcome serious physical injuries and raising five nieces and nephews along with his own children to become a successful entrepreneur, author, and keynote speaker.

107: Jason Redman: 20 years as a Navy Seal & shot 8 times including one to the face on enemy front lines. No bad days, only good days for this hero…

106: Terry McDonough: a man who overcame a series of adversities including a fatal car crash that ended a life. This set him on a path of destruction until he took a hard core pivot, became a NFL executive, and now is living a purposeful life.

105: Lisa Odenweller: Serial Entrepreneur & founder of Beaming organic food cafe’s before being removed as CEO,then staged a comeback, overcame her obstacles and started Kroma Superfoods.

104: Don Yaeger: The master storyteller who has written 28 books including one on Walter Payton, gone one on one with Michael Jordan and an expert at helping you Find Your Greatness.

103: Randy Hetrick: CEO of TRX talks about 14 years as a Navy Seal and the summits he has had to climb to develop a new wave of working out.

102: Trent Dilfer: 14 Year NFL QB & ESPN Analyst on how losing his son to heart disease at age 5 taught him so many life lessons.

101: Blair Kellison: Paying it forward with the CEO of Traditional Medicinals

100: Garrett Madison: The dangers of Guiding Clients up Mt Everest and K2

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