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Stories with fascinating people of amazing accomplishment. Hosted by Mark Pattison.

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073 – Charles Weaver – Cancer Connect

Oct 19, 2018

Dr. Charles Weaver Dr. Charles Weaver is an oncologist who founded Cancer Connect. Dr. Weaver views researching or working with cancer patients as the most positive for a doctor to do. For him, the work is an opportunity to engage…

Brett Archibald

072: Brett Archibald – Overboard In the Indian Ocean

Oct 12, 2018

Overboard Brett Archibald spent 28 hours alone, lost at sea with nothing but his faith, family and friends to guide him. Brett’s impossible story is chronicled in his book Alone: Lost Overboard in the Indian Ocean. . His tale starts…

071: Bill Valenti – Linguist, Banker, Founder, Musician, Survivor

Oct 5, 2018

Bill Valenti is a banker, an entrepreneur, a cancer survivor, and a protest songwriter. Bill’s life is packed full of accomplishments. His tale starts by busking on the liberal revolutionary streets of Paris while attending school in the 60’s. Linguist Next,…

070: NFL QB Steve Beuerlein, Creating Opportunity to Grow, Through Change

Sep 28, 2018

NFL QB Steve Beuerlein played for six different teams, over 14 seasons. Steve played for the Dallas Cowboys in 1992/93 season, the year the team won Super Bown XXVII. Before stepping the NFL field, Beuerlein started at QB for Notre…

Seven Summits

069: Raha Moharrak Driving Climbing and Space Beyond Expectations

Sep 21, 2018

Growing up in Saudi Arabia, females didn’t pick internationally famous mountain climber as an occupation. However, Raha Moharrak was an odd one (her words) who didn’t handle authority well. Always struggling to fit into the cookie cutter mold, hyper and…

Vern Tejas

068: Vern Tejas A Life in the Mountains, 70 Summits

Sep 14, 2018

Vern Tejas has spent his life in the mountains. In this episode we discuss his achievements, evolution as a climber and his ability to make correct choices in complex settings. First, his list of accomplishments is beyond extraordinary. Tejas is the…

067: Tafa Jefferson, Retired NFL Player, Making a Difference

Sep 7, 2018

Tafa Jefferson has never taken an easy path. He started football late, not playing until his senior high school season. After choosing UOP, the school dropped its football program. Undaunted Tafa stayed at UOP and worked his way through the…

Rewind 066: Speaker, Retired NFL Quarterback, Tom Flick Is Here To Learn About You

Sep 6, 2018

In this REWIND episode, Mark and Tom Flick discuss moving faster with less chaos. “We must stop, slowdown and think,” says Tom. When companies are too focused on efficiencies and relying on processes, organizations lose intentionality. These automated approaches to life…

065: Perfect Days With Cokie Berenyi

Aug 31, 2018

Cokie Berenyi is working for a #perfectday. Cokie and Mark climbed Denali together, sharing a tent and working on the same rope team. Their mutual appreciation for one another’s spirit, determination and focus was realized on Denali as they pushed…