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080: Mike Hamill – Climbing The Seven Summits

By adminbeav | November 23, 2018

Mike Hamill – Climbing The Seven Summits Mike Hamill is the founder and lead guide for Climbing the Seven Summits. His company focuses on the 7 summits, and a few other select mountains that Mike finds special. Mike gets clients to the top over 90% of the time, more importantly, he always gets his clients…

Rewind 079: Pirie Jones Grossman Getting Better By Forgiving Yourself

By adminbeav | November 22, 2018

Pirie Jones Grossman Getting Better By Forgiving Yourself Pirie Jones Grossman is our featured for this episode of Find Your Summit Rewind  Since her last visit, Pirie was diagnosed with the Epstein Barr virus. Grossman’s version of the 60 know types was debilitating. Her illness is similar to Mononucleosis, except in her case, it’s much more intesnse. The western…

078: Ken Nsimbi – Guiding Youth to the Top of Their First Summit

By adminbeav | November 16, 2018

  Ken Nsimbi, guiding King County’s youth to the top. Ken Nsimbi immigrated to the United States as a teenager from his native Nairobi, Kenya. The move to the US happened while Ken and his brothers vacationed to visit their mother in Seattle. Ken’s mom kept the move a secret from the boys until just…

077: Andy Hnilo – Unmasked and Radiating Health

By adminbeav | November 9, 2018

Andy Hnilo – Unmasked and Radiating Health The Curb March 20, 2011 – Andy Hnilo was hit by a Land Rover as he stepped off the curb on Melrose in Los Angeles. Thrown across the street a Toyota Tundra hit him again. One accident, twice hit by trucks, a broken jaw, 7 broken ribs, a…

076: Werner Berger – Growth is Found Outside the Comfort Zone

By adminbeav | November 2, 2018

Werner Berger – Growth is Found Outside the Comfort Zone At a conference, as an adult well into his life, Werner Berger considered the 3 things he’d like to do before he died. Though Berger possed no mountaineer experience, he wanted to climb Kilimanjaro, the Matterhorn, and to travel to Everest’s base camp. Fascinated by…

075: Pete Koch, NFL 1st Round Pick

By adminbeav | October 26, 2018

Pete Koch, Inspiration from an NFL 1st Round Pick Pete Koch played defensive end for the University of Maryland. He graduated the same year as his teammate Boomer Esiason.  Coincidentally, Pete’s Terrapins lost to Mark’s Huskies in the inaugural 1982 Aloha Bowl.  1st Round Pick Pete’s draft year, he’s living in the dorms at Maryland,…

Rewind 074: Charles Plumb is Packing His Parachute with Personal Adversity

By adminbeav | October 25, 2018

Charles Plumb is Packing His Parachute with Personal Adversity Charles Plumb talks about the rewards of personal adversity; we need to pay attention. In this Rewind episode, we discuss three things. First, Charles’ philosophy of packing your own parachute. Next, recognizing that adversity is a terrible thing to waste. Finally discipline the mind, body and soul.…

073 – Charles Weaver – Cancer Connect

By adminbeav | October 19, 2018

Dr. Charles Weaver Dr. Charles Weaver is an oncologist who founded Cancer Connect. Dr. Weaver views researching or working with cancer patients as the most positive for a doctor to do. For him, the work is an opportunity to engage with people who need information, hope and a guide. Cancer Arrives Cancer impacts all lives…

Brett Archibald

072: Brett Archibald – Overboard In the Indian Ocean

By adminbeav | October 12, 2018

Overboard Brett Archibald spent 28 hours alone, lost at sea with nothing but his faith, family and friends to guide him. Brett’s impossible story is chronicled in his book Alone: Lost Overboard in the Indian Ocean. . His tale starts with a group of lifelong friends celebrating one of their group’s 50th birthday. A case…

071: Bill Valenti – Linguist, Banker, Founder, Musician, Survivor

By adminbeav | October 5, 2018

Bill Valenti is a banker, an entrepreneur, a cancer survivor, and a protest songwriter. Bill’s life is packed full of accomplishments. His tale starts by busking on the liberal revolutionary streets of Paris while attending school in the 60’s. Linguist Next, is the Vietnam war. Bill decided to enlist. He was assigned to the Defense Language…

109: Chris Warner: Mountaineer, Entrepreneur, Emmy-Nominated Filmmaker, and Leadership Expert has reached his summit on some of the highest mountain peaks in the world.

108: JJ Birden: Ex-NFL wide receiver for the Browns, Cowboys, Chiefs, and Falcons has overcome serious physical injuries and raising five nieces and nephews along with his own children to become a successful entrepreneur, author, and keynote speaker.

107: Jason Redman: 20 years as a Navy Seal & shot 8 times including one to the face on enemy front lines. No bad days, only good days for this hero…

106: Terry McDonough: a man who overcame a series of adversities including a fatal car crash that ended a life. This set him on a path of destruction until he took a hard core pivot, became a NFL executive, and now is living a purposeful life.

105: Lisa Odenweller: Serial Entrepreneur & founder of Beaming organic food cafe’s before being removed as CEO,then staged a comeback, overcame her obstacles and started Kroma Superfoods.

104: Don Yaeger: The master storyteller who has written 28 books including one on Walter Payton, gone one on one with Michael Jordan and an expert at helping you Find Your Greatness.

103: Randy Hetrick: CEO of TRX talks about 14 years as a Navy Seal and the summits he has had to climb to develop a new wave of working out.

102: Trent Dilfer: 14 Year NFL QB & ESPN Analyst on how losing his son to heart disease at age 5 taught him so many life lessons.

101: Blair Kellison: Paying it forward with the CEO of Traditional Medicinals

100: Garrett Madison: The dangers of Guiding Clients up Mt Everest and K2

099: Ed Molitor: Former Texas A & M basketball coach on being purposeful, positive & energetic after overcoming adversity.

098: Surviving a plane crash with 2 time America’s Got Talent Finalist.

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