085: Rebecca Rusch – Queen of Pain

December 28, 2018

Rebecca Rusch is known as the Queen of Pain. She was given that nickname by her peers who’ve marveled at her determination and focus despite the challenges presented in a given moment. Rebecca is a 7 time world champion across a number of disciplines.

She’s been a member of the US National white water rafting team. She’s won as an eco-challenge racer. The list of sports Rebecca is simply incredible: white water rafting, mountain biking, climbing, adventure racing, cross-country skiing…she’s built a resume that has made her one of the most recognized and esteemed women in all of sports.

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Impossible Biking

Rebecca doesn’t do small challenges. She rode her mountain bike to the top of Kilimanjaro–making for a lightning quick descent. She is the founder of the Private Idaho gravel bike 50/100 mile race, which generates funds for 3 different charities. She’s completed the Leadville 100. in 2017, Rebecca biked over 1000 miles on the Ho Chi Mihn Trail on a quest to visit her fallen father’s crash site in Vietnam.

Be Good

Rebecca’s father closed each letter home during his deployment to Vietnam with the words, “Be Good.”

“My dad signed all of his letters home to us with the same two words: ‘Be Good.’ After riding the Ho Chi Minh Trail and standing in the place where he died, I hear his instructions more distinctly. I am challenged to try harder, push farther, and above all to remind myself and others that we all have unique talents that can be harnessed for the greater good.” — Rebecca Rusch

Rusch’s journey to better understand her father led her to push harder and create positive change. She’s not done riding, actually she’s searching for new incredible biking challenges all over the world.

Ride with Rebecca

Rebecca is not just riding solo, she’s inspiring others to do what she does. Check out her Projects page to get on a bike or go on another adventure or challenge with her.

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