Rewind 066: Speaker, Retired NFL Quarterback, Tom Flick Is Here To Learn About You

September 6, 2018

In this REWIND episode, Mark and Tom Flick discuss moving faster with less chaos. “We must stop, slowdown and think,” says Tom. When companies are too focused on efficiencies and relying on processes, organizations lose intentionality. These automated approaches to life and work invite chaos. To be nimble and fast, leaders have to create the right kind of speed, and Tom helps folks develop that clean speed.

Tom suggests building 2 to 3 hours a week to: think, ponder and reflect. Drop everything, let it fall to the ground…then determine what you want to pick up again and in which order. That clarity is found when for Mark in mountains of Sun Valley.

Listen to “066: REWIND – Former NFL Quarterback Tom Flick Is Here To Learn About You” on Spreaker.

Tom notes he’s not about his agenda when it comes to clients, he’s about theirs. This approach allows him to stay fresh and innovative. He comes to learn about them about you. In a world that’s moving fast, we need speed not just from the top leaders, but form the mid-level leaders. This organizational speed is what Tom delivers in this episode.

Former NFL Quarterback and now a top speaker Tom Flick, has garnered a reputation around the world as an authority on leadership by helping organizations like Google, Starbucks, Boeing and the Pentagon develop leaders, lead change effectively, recognize opportunities for growth, and increase teamwork and organizational performance in a faster moving world.


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