Rewind 079: Pirie Jones Grossman Getting Better By Forgiving Yourself

Pirie Jones Grossman Getting Better By Forgiving Yourself

Pirie Jones Grossman is our featured for this episode of Find Your Summit Rewind  Since her last visit, Pirie was diagnosed with the Epstein Barr virus. Grossman’s version of the 60 know types was debilitating. Her illness is similar to Mononucleosis, except in her case, it’s much more intesnse. The western medicine standard of care is 3 months of rest and lots of fluids. Of course, single mom’s who run their own business don’t have time for that.

West Clinic

While searching for answers, Pirie friends suggested a world-renowned healing clinic located near home in Sun Valley. The West clinic specializes in non-traditional approaches to healing. People from all over the world travel to the clinic for help with a variety of ailments including auto-immune diseases like Hashimoto’s, but also troubling ailments like Lyme disease.

When she arrived at the clinic, Pirie was so sick, she had to be carried inside. Through constant treatment, Pirie walked out of the clinic after staying for 2 weeks. However, she relapsed and returned in much worse shape a short while later.  This visit, Pirie got to work on something bigger than the Epstein-Barr, she started working on herself.

As an aside: Pirie continues to share this journey of recovery publicly on Facebook. Thousands of people have connected, commented and shared in the experience.–Be sure to follow Pirie on Facebook.

What did you learn?

Pirie notes, she was beating the heck out of my self. I failed to forgive myself yet  I needed to replenish my strength. Pirie discussing “Blowing Out” her immune system. It’s not just what food you put int your body, but other things, the emotions the wounds. Caught up in saying the perfect things, looking perfect, Pirie found she denied the messy nature of humans. This hiding was leading to more damage.

Through a lot of writing, Pirie figured out that, “When you can forgive yourself, then you can forgive others.”

Any time I struggled to forgive, I returned to myself; and I realized, over and over, it begins with me.  As she forgave, she unlocked anger, vengeful feelings and removed them; she started letting go. She began to deal with the things that weren’t obvious, yet created lots of stress in her life.

Today, Pirie is about 95% healthy and continuing to get better. Her client roster as a life coach grows while her powerful ability to forgive is keeping her healthy, and unlocking forgiveness in others.

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