083: Tim Kennedy, Sheepdog Response, Always Hard to Kill

December 14, 2018

Tim KennedyTim Kennedy Always Hard to Kill

Tim Kennedy is a warrior of the first order. He’s a Ranger, Special Forces, sniper, Green Beret, 19B (Weapons) soldier with several deployments. He’s also a championship grade UFC fighter, at one point he ranked as high as 5th in the world, who’s twice fought for the title. His lifetime record as a professional is 18-6.

Growing up, Tim’s parents exposed him to a variety of pursuits. He learned to cook, shoot, fight, wrestling and play piano. Always full of energy, throughout his  life Tim has constantly improved his performance in a variety of ways.

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Progressing into college as a multi-sport athlete, without a design, Tim’s passion for a variety of pursuits kept him constantly moving, improving and hardening his mind, body and spirit. Tim started early as a mixed martial artist as he worked in a variety of disciplines. He excelled at Judo, wrestling, Karata, Kenpo, Jiu-jitsu and boxing, he amassed an amateur record of 31-1. Essentially, Tim would size up his opponent and pick the discipline his opponent lacked, attack then win.

Sept 11, 2001

Like any young person who’s yet to figure himself out, Tim admits he was selfish, focused on instant gratification and making poor life choices. When he saw the towers fall on 9/11, specifically when he realized people were choosing between burning up or jumping, he changed. Tim chose to take his talents and to give his life a meaning and a purpose.

He went to see a recruiter that day and began the process of joining the Army; becoming the warrior he’d unknowingly prepared to become. Early in his Army career, highly skilled and able to dominate his peers in warrior tasks, Tim’s ego grew. Finally, he got to 5th Special Forces Group. Returning from a successful deployment, Tim’s ego, skills and choices met reality. His choices were not professional-grade and his peers recognized it.

Green Berets fight hard, play hard and shoot straight. Tim’s team leaders challenged him, he needed to graduate #1 at Ranger school or find a new team. Like Tim’s ability to size up a fighting opponent, he assessed his own weaknesses and realized he lacked discipline. Tim accepted their challenge and graduated number one.

Sheepdog Response

Tim’s work today focuses on giving other the skills that warriors possess. His company Sheepdog Response employs operators as instructors for clients that seek to harden themselves and create resilience.

Tim has a show on Discovery called Hard to Kill. The show is akin to Mike Rowe’s dirty jobs in that Tim takes on the extremely hazardous jobs or puts himself in scenarios that these workers might find themselves. The idea is to illustrate what these people go through to create an easier life for the rest of us.

Tim is a high energy, straight talking warrior who continues to make his life have meaning for all of those who lost theirs on 9/11.

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