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Stories with fascinating people of amazing accomplishment. Hosted by Mark Pattison.

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054: Jon Gordon: Roadmap To True Accomplishment On The Energy Bus

Jun 15, 2018

  The journey to true accomplishment is a bumpy ride. How does one acquire a powerful roadmap to overcome adversity and bring out the best in yourself and your team? The Energy Bus, an international best seller by Jon Gordon,…

FYS 53 | Silhouettes Rock Album

053: Evan Phillips: Merging Music And Mountain Climbing

Jun 8, 2018

Evan Phillips climbed mountains until an injury took him out of the game. Now he pours his energy into making music after his last critically-acclaimed hit, Silhouettes, which represented a new energy for Evan Phillips, one of Alaska’s most enduring…

FYS 52 | The Last Mile

052: The Last Mile: Breaking The Cycle Of Incarceration with Aly Tamboura

Jun 1, 2018

Almost 60% percent of all inmates that are released with no training end up back in jail. If it wasn’t for The Last Mile, an entrepreneurial training program preparing incarcerated individuals for successful re-entry into society, Aly Tamboura would have…

FYS 051 | Extreme Skiing

051: Mike Hattrup: The World Of Extreme Skiing

May 25, 2018

The whole game has changed in terms of the way people train today, especially in extreme sports. Legendary skier and erstwhile actor in Blizzard of Aahhh’s, Mike Hattrup can attest to that fact that everything seems to be much more…

FYS 50 | Christine Schwan Yoga

050: Christine Schwan: Improving Professional Sports Performance With Yoga

May 18, 2018

Christine Schwan holds state and national championships in fitness. Christine began practicing yoga as a way to find more balance after life changes brought her to the sacred space of single motherhood with two small boys. She fell in love…

FYS 049 | Overcoming Trauma

049: Joshua Mantz: Military Veteran Overcoming Trauma And Cheating Death

May 11, 2018

Having a career in the military means you’re always going to be overcoming trauma and cheating death in order to survive. Joshua Mantz’s career in the military started when his step-father planted the seed in his mind when he was…

FYS 48 | Olympic Medalist

048: Alex Deibold: Overcoming Adversity, Before And After Becoming An Olympic Medalist

May 4, 2018

We’re a product of our own environment. Olympic skier and snowboarder, Alex Deibold, grew up in the Vermont. At age four, the slopes and the mountains became his playground. Eventually, he got recruited to go to a ski academy, and…

FYS 47 | Violets Are Blue

047: Cynthia Besteman: Overcoming Breast Cancer And Creating Violets Are Blue

Apr 27, 2018

Going through seven years of breast cancer led Cynthia Besteman to create Violets Are Blue, a skincare collection of products that is natural and safe for the body as well as the environment. Cynthia talks about the changes in her…

FYS 046 | Power Of Connection

046: Scott Huesing: The Power of Connection in Leadership

Apr 20, 2018

In the military, they all have different mission sets. Scott Huesing believes this is true for life outside of military as well. He learned all about the power of connection while he was a commanding officer at the Marine Corps.…