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Stories with fascinating people of amazing accomplishment. Hosted by Mark Pattison.

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FYSR 4 | Wellness Cancer Summit

Rewind 04: The Wellness Cancer Summit: The Latest Technology In Health, Fitness, And Beauty with Cynthia Besteman

Aug 16, 2018

  Cynthia Besteman of the successful skincare line, Violets Are Blue, returns to talk about a very exciting partnership. As audience would probably recall, Cynthia previously shared how she had overcome breast cancer and developed her natural skincare line through…

FYS 62 | Life's Adversities

062: Having The Faith To Overcome Life’s Adversities with Michael Ketterer

Aug 10, 2018

Standing up through life’s adversities says a lot about a person; more so when amidst all of these, you still continue to offer a helping hand to others. Michael Ketterer is a man who not only possesses a great voice…

FYS 61 | Football Career

061: Jim Mora Sr. on His Football Career, Life, Achievements, And Disappointments

Aug 3, 2018

Moving forward to your dream path is not always about taking on the uphill climb. Sometimes, you meet some downward turns that test you. The same goes with former NFL head coach of the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts Jim Mora…

FYS 60 | Setting Your Own Rules

060: Setting Your Own Rules And Rising Above The Competition with Gabby Reece

Jul 27, 2018

There are never new ideas, just new applications of old ideas. What started out as simple pool exercises and turned into a creative expression and a full pool training workout. American professional volleyball player, sports announcer, fashion model, and actress…

FYS 59 | Carve Your Own Path

059: Building Up The Courage To Carve Your Own Path with Nate Boyer

Jul 20, 2018

To live the way you want and do the things you love to do, sometimes you have to get off the treadmill and carve your own path. Nate Boyer knows this all too well. Nate wanted to choose his own…

FYS 58 | Three Strikes

058: Transforming Under The Three Strikes Law with Kenyatta Leal

Jul 13, 2018

Society thinks that everybody is just sitting inside prison plotting out their next crime when they get out. Kenyatta Leal says that’s definitely not the case. There are men and women inside, who are trying to change their lives and…

FYSR 03 | Life Without Limits

Rewind 03: Life Without Limits with College Football Analyst, Filmmaker & Scholar Yogi Roth

Jul 12, 2018

  The biggest issue we see our country angry at times is because maybe we’re not having conversations, especially uncomfortable ones. Pac-12 Network’s college football analyst and New York Times bestselling author Yogi Roth finds it really interesting what you…

FYS 57 | Wellness Elevated

057: Wellness Elevated Through Loving Oneself with Todd Dean

Jul 6, 2018

When you believe that whatever you’re doing is tied to a purpose much bigger than yourself, great things start to happen. Todd Dean, CEO of Sanjara Wellness Elevated, is tied to such a purpose. Sanjara is a treatment facility and…

FYSR 02 | Break It Down

Rewind 02: Break It Down: Insights From New Perspectives with American War Hero Pete Turner

Jul 5, 2018

  Life is a mixture of different perspectives and views. American war hero Pete Turner served on numerous tours of duty including Croatia, Iraq, and Afghanistan, but this time around, he’s busy doing his own podcast called Break It Down.…