Mark has played in the NFL, founded several multi-million dollar companies, raised money to build wells in Tanzania, and is well on his way to becoming the first NFL player to climb the Seven Summits. He’s now inspiring and motivating people and organizations around the world.


Becoming the FIRST NFL player to climb the Seven Summits.


Mark played in the NFL for the Raiders, Ram's and Saints and is a vested member of the NFL Players Association.


Mark is the Co-Founder of Venture Backed Front Porch Classics, a Seattle gaming company which was seen in over 700 retail locations and 7 countries with an exit. Mark is now the CEO of the


Mark will become the first NFL player to climb the Seven Summits. Mark has successfully climbed 5 of the 7 with Vinson & Everest to go.


Mark is a member of Super Bowl Champion Chris Longs team to raise money and awareness by building water wells for the people in Tanzania.


Mark is an expert as a change agent for accomplishment. Mark shares his experiences in business, playing in the NFL and scaling the world's tallest mountains to articulate his "SUMMITS" vision on achieving goals.


The Pyramid of Success was created by John Wooden & then adapted by Mark’s Hall of Fame coach Don James.
Now Mark has created his own version called the Seven Summits of Success.
Find out more about how Mark has used this module to achieve at the highest level.



Security 101

“Mark brought inspiration as a keynote speaker to our annual conference without any rah-rah, but in a genuine sense, and real-life application. He was able to break his life lessons down into teachable business concepts.”

-Steve Crespo, CEO of Security 101

jim mora

~ Jim Mora

UCLA Head Football Coach

Having been a teammate, climbing partner and friend of Mark's for over 35 years, I can say without hesitation that he is a man of tremendous integrity, moral conviction and mental toughness.  His ability to both lead from the front and be a core team member speaks to both his strength of conviction as well as his selfless attitude.  Mark has a vision and an energy that others are naturally drawn to, his ability to inspire others with both his words and actions are beyond compare.  This is a man that has reached the highest peaks professionally as an NFL player, in business as an entrepreneur, as a father and as a high altitude mountain climber.


~ Matt Walker

Adventurer, Author, Speaker

Mark’s feats on the field and in the mountains are tremendous, his ability to simultaneously lead and be an integral working team member is inspiring and empowering. Mark’s energy is infectious and his ability to cut through the noise and isolate what is the essential core challenge is remarkable. This skill, coupled with a strategic vision and inclination toward direct action, creates an environment of success that feels pre-ordained or destined. Mark transcends the “talk” and “walks the walk” - I will, without reservation, join him on adventures in the field and in the marketplace.


~ Chris Long

Former #1 NFL Draft Pick and Super Bowl Champion

I haven't known Mark for long, but having the opportunity to be involved with our Conquering Kili Campaign for clean water told me all I need to know. Mark is extremely motivated to live his life to the fullest, and help other people in the process. His drive and competitive spirit are infectious. He obviously has a football background, but I believe his true calling is in inspiring and helping others through his adventurous, fearless attitude and where that personality takes him.


~ Captain Bo Ellis

Chief Pilot Major US Airline

I have known Mark since 1991 and have met few people of his caliber that still maintain the level of modesty his parents instilled in him as a young boy. He is an unassuming individual that has excelled to the highest levels in all aspects of his life; athletics, entrepreneurial endeavors, adventure travel and the business world. You and your team will discover for yourselves that one's journey in life can be fueled by passion, dedication, inspiration and a straight forward approach. Mark's experiences will provide you and your team with tools towards success and accomplishment regardless of your current level.


waterboys_color is committed to giving back to the community through focused efforts around clean water, military appreciation, homelessness and youth in need.

Mark and his fellow Waterboys recently returned from climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and raising over $133k and building clean water wells.

Learn more about the organization by watching the video below.


Mark has worked with over 700 retailers, dot com's and catalog companies over the past 20 years and has done business in multiple countries. Mark is now focused on building his digital and social media properties, "the summits project" to over 10 million uniques per month, public speaking, mountain climbing and taking corporate clients out on leadership retreats in mountain settings.

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Mark has played in the NFL, founded several multi-million dollar companies, raised money to build wells in Tanzania, and is on his way to becoming the first NFL player to climb the Seven Summits. He’s now sharing his inspirational story with people and organizations nationwide.