065: Perfect Days With Cokie Berenyi

August 31, 2018

Cokie Berenyi is working for a #perfectday. Cokie and Mark climbed Denali together, sharing a tent and working on the same rope team. Their mutual appreciation for one another’s spirit, determination and focus was realized on Denali as they pushed through to the summit.

Whether summiting a mountain or moving her life to Colorado, Cokie is focuses on flexing her fear muscle; using it to get past comfortable and move up where growth begins.

Like in climbing, Cokie advises using life’s big muscles to conquer challenges. What does that mean? She believes that accepting imbalance between life and work is a better and more attainable goal than perfection.

Further, making her sure her business serves her life rather than sacrificing life for business. Finally, designing her day to accomplish 4 things by 11, or 411s and allowing the basis of a perfect day.

By living life outside of her comfort zone, Cokie is climbing to where joy resides.

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