081: Todd Orr – Survived 2 Grizzly Bear Attacks

Todd Orr – Survived 2 Grizzly Bear Attacks

Todd Orr is an outdoors man. He’s grew up and fell in love with outdoor life in the mountains of Ennis, Montana. His days were spent camping, hiking, hunting and fishing. Todd realizing he didn’t want an indoor life, he got a degree in fish and wildlife management and started working in the Gallatin National Forest.

His job entails him designing, repairing and improving  tails,  in bear country in Gallatin. His weekends are the same, out in the woods by himself, in bear country.

Oct 1, 2016

About two weeks prior to the open of elk season, Todd went searching for prime hunting locations. Just before dawn, about three miles away from his truck, armed with a pistol and bear spray…

He sees a mother bear and two cubs. She turns and heads up the hill, thinking this is a good bear that doesn’t like humans, Todd gave her a minute to get away, he turned and went in the opposite direction; not expecting to ever see her again.

He heard a rustle…

Over his left shoulder, there she was charging at him; about 40 yards away. Pulling his bear spray he fired as the bear closed the gap to 30 feet. She hit Todd on his right side knocking him down, biting his arm and shoulder five or six times. Ulimately, the spray made the bear leave. Thinking the attack was over, he prepared to get to the hospital to get stitched up.

Oct 1, 2016 II

Todd picked up his gear and began the hour long hike back to his truck. About five minutes later, again Todd hears a sound, it’s the bear. This time she’s ten feet away…

Knocked to his knees, the bear stands over his back, Todd covers his head with his arms. The first bite snaps his left forearm. He feels the bones break and the tendons snap.

The bear went into a frenzy, picking Todd up and throwing him to the ground. She bit him repeatedly in the arm, Todd estimates 20 or 25 times in his right arm and shoulder. Todd did his best to fight back by protecting his organs by staying in a protective ball. Trying to play dead,. Waiting for the bear to leave to protect her cubs. With a 5-inch gash over his ear, the bears claws lodged in his back holding him in place. He laid still. Then it was over.


Todd regrouped, and started hiking back for about 45 minutes back to his truck. Despite being badly injured Todd wanted to write a note to warn others about to enter the area. However, with 1 broken arm, and the other with about 25 bites he wasn’t physically able to grab a sticky note and write.

We live in the modern social media world, so of course, Todd captured a few quick pictures, a video then headed to get medical aid. The hospital was still another 45 minutes away. About 2 hours after the final attack, Todd got to the hospital. By the time he arrived, he wasn’t able to take off his seat belt or put his truck into park.

Todd also has a line of survival/outdoor knives. His brand Skyblade Knives is nearly 30 years old. Todd hand-crafts the knives himself.

Todd’s Advice

Be aware of your surroundings. Take the ear pods out and listen to and enjoy nature. Carry bear spray. Make time to slow down and enjoy life.

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