093: A Football Life, with Anthony Allen

June 10, 2019

Multi-Sport Athletic Star

Anthony Allen is a former NFL player and a good friend. Anthony and I first met in high school when we served on rival football teams, and his confidence as a player made a lasting impression on me. After high school, we played together for the University of Washington before we were each drafted to the NFL in turn.

During Anthony’s career as a football player, he played for the Los Angeles Express, Michigan Panthers, Portland Breakers, Atlanta Falcons, Washington Redskins and the San Diego Chargers. Anthony played for the Redskins during their Super Bowl-winning 1987 season, and played in two Rose Bowls for the University of Washington Huskies.

On this episode of Finding Your Summit, I talk with Anthony about the important role football has played throughout his life, from his high school and college days, through his time in the NFL, and even into his post-NFL life as a high school football coach. Football has been a constant theme of Anthony’s life, but he doesn’t feel defined by it. Listen as Anthony shares the story of his football life.

Listen to “Anthony Allen – Catching up with NFL Wide Receiver & Huskies Teammate” on Spreaker.

What You Will Learn:

  • Anthony and I discuss our first encounter with one another, playing against each other in high school. I share how memorable his confidence was on the field, when I saw him wink at one of my teammates before taking off like a bullet.
  • We also discuss our time spent playing together at the University of Washington, before we both were drafted into the NFL.
  • Anthony discusses the sense of pride he felt when he stepped out onto the field at the Rose Bowl, and why he considers it a special and important moment for him.
  • We discuss the records Anthony set during his NFL career, as well as his journey through the different teams he played for during his professional football career.
  • Anthony shares his experiences playing for the Redskins during the 1987 player strike, as well as how he transitioned to life after professional athletics. Anthony discusses why it is that he doesn’t feel defined by his NFL career.
  • We talk about how Anthony met his wife Renee when they were both freshmen in high school at age 14, and he shares how their strong relationship provided them and their two daughters the strength necessary to get through her recent stroke as well as updates on her recovery.

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