208: Journey to Adventure with Tom French

August 6, 2021

In this episode of ‘Finding your Summit’ podcast host Mark Pattison, former NFL player, entrepreneur, philanthropist, mountaineer & S.I. exec talks with guest host Tom French, mountaineer talks about his adventure experience on Mt Everest. These episodes are all about people overcoming adversity and finding their way.

Episode Highlights

  • 01.23 – Mark and Tom, talks about their successful outing climbing journey, none of them know each other but by the end they became best friends.
  • 02.56 – Tom shares his journey of how he got into climbing.
  • 06.17 As per Mark, they need to prepare themselves for mountain climbing.
  • 08.47 – Mark states “you may not always know the outcome and x doesn’t always equal y, but if you do X, you’re going to put yourself in the best position to achieve Y”.
  • 10.48 – Tom talks about how do they make their own luck?
  • 12.35 – Mark recalls previous week’s conversation with guest (Kevin) on being what’s next and Kevin replied “one game at a time”.
  • 15.25 – As per Tom its okay to reset the portfolio on a yearly basis.
  • 17.56 – Tom states he has lived two things in the Everest base camp; first, trekking in the Sherpa culture & Nepal as a country & second, the international climbing community.
  • 19.09 – They had to do all by themselves, they had to fix the ropes, they had to find the root, and they did the whole thing themselves.
  • 21.26 – Mark asks Tom about what happens before they land in this little place called Luca and Tom explained everything chronologically.
  • 23.16 – Mark asks Tom about his experience with Alpine Ascents group.
  • 25.06 – According to Tom, we all do get differences in group but what all matters is vibe, respect and how it’s all going to work as a team matter.
  • 27.28 – Mark says in 2020 when they were revamping for events and then COVID happened. So, he turned it into an opportunity and reinvented workout schedule.
  • 29.26 – They both talk about how COVID hit many people but in their case, it turned out to be a blessing, and some great things came out of it.

Three Key Points

  1. It requires years of hard work and commitment to get it in our bodies and our minds.
  2. Most successful people do certain things in certain way. They have that discipline & the commitment towards that goal. They put themselves in the best position of success to get there.
  3. We must figure out who we’re with, and what our groups are like, and we have to assume it’s going to be pretty good with group of like-minded people.

Tweetable Quotes

But still, that says zest for the life of getting after things not being afraid to go after it.” – Mark Pattison

You don’t just wake up and walk out the door and say hey I’m gonna go climb this mountain.” – Mark Pattison

I think you make your own luck and climbing doesn’t mean you get 100% of the outcome you want, you don’t control everything.” – Tom France

I use this thing quite often success leaves clues.” – Mark Pattison

The phrase, you know, it’s as much the journey as it is the destination and I think so much of that is true and all these things we’re doing here.” – Tom France

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