The Lhotse Challenge // Everest Update

November 3, 2020

As many of you know, I was set to head to Nepal and take on Mt Everest last Spring but then the pandemic hit and shut down the world. Prior to leaving, I had come up with a campaign called Emilia’s Everest to shine the light on my daughter “Emilia” who has epilepsy with the goal of raising $$ and awareness for others that share the same illness. We raised the money $29,029 which represents the height of Mt Everest. All proceeds were sent to the Epilepsy Foundation which was awesome but it’s not over as she and others continue their fight.

Forced to take an Everest detour in 2020, I have now teamed up with an amazing organization called Higher Ground to create another campaign called Emilia’s Everest-The Lhotse Challenge. I am asking you to support me as I try to raise $1,000 towards an overall goal of $27,940 which is the height of Lhotse, the 4th highest mountain in the world which sits next to Mt Everest. I am doubling down on my training and asking you to donate to my personal Higher Ground page. My training and motivation go towards trying to help others like my daughter who are in a daily fight to overcome their own adversity. Higher Ground also serves the military community to help these hero’s & others overcome cognitive and adaptive issues.

To match their fight, my training will go towards scaling Mt Everest and then coming down to high camp at 26,000′, resting for a bit, and taking on Lhotse within 24 hours. It’s a monster challenge but nothing compared to the many men and women who go through the daily fight like my daughter.

My best buddy Jim Mora has come together with me to create this personal challenge and to inspire others to stretch themselves in the month of November. Here is the YouTube video to the challenge we have created:

Below, is the link to my personal page where you can donate to help these amazing people. Any amount goes a long way.

Thank-you all….

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