075: Pete Koch, NFL 1st Round Pick

Pete Koch, Inspiration from an NFL 1st Round Pick

Pete Koch played defensive end for the University of Maryland. He graduated the same year as his teammate Boomer Esiason.  Coincidentally, Pete’s Terrapins lost to Mark’s Huskies in the inaugural 1982 Aloha Bowl. 

1st Round Pick

Pete’s draft year, he’s living in the dorms at Maryland, listening to the radio waiting for the phone to ring. Projects listed Pete as a likely first-round pick. Though one of their coaches visited Pete, the Bengals with the 1st pick in the first round, and a strong presence on defensive end; were not expected to draft Koch. Then life happened. Despite being an ill fit for the team, Koch became a Bengal-it didn’t work.

Kansas City Chiefs

What did work, and what Pete couldn’t see, he was meant to be in Kansas City. Less than 24 hours after being released from the Bengals. the Chiefs were glad to have him, his coach Walt Corey waited to greet him. Pete’s first game, he recorded 2 sacks and blended in well.

Pete’s 3 rules for life-

You can do it, It takes sacrifice, you can do it. 

Los Angeles Raiders

Pete, sat down with Al Davis, no agents, just man-to-man. Al said I need D-line guys that can be disruptors. He asked Pete, can you still be a disruptor? “Yes, I can” Pete signed a contract and got to work.

Health and Wellness

Pete’s career beyond the NFL focuses on health and wellness. HIs work helps people accomplish three things-

Koch’s goals-

  1. Be happy,
  2. Increase your production, and not just at work but with your family your friends and your children.
  3. I want you to feel better.

71% of people are overweight. People fail to exercise enough.  We’re feeding our bodies food that makes us feel worse; that promotes the wrong balance of chemicals, hormones. This combination denies us  Koch’s outcomes. Pete suggests putting a program that’s easy to engage, yet effortful and full of the fuel we need to improve all aspects of our lives.

LIfe constantly provides new challenges, preparation through diet and exercise remains our best defense.

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