091: Mark Pattison – Reflections from the Top of Summit Six

Mark Pattison

Mark, recently bagged summit six, the Vinson Masiff. Vinson is probably the nost challenging mountain to get to in terms of logistics, weather and temperature.

Vinson is located on Antartica. Here’s a list of things that live on the continent–penguins–that’s it, nothing else, no plants, not trees, not even bugs. Suffice to say, the South Pole is an inhospitable place to spend a few weeks outside.

Arrow Pointed

In this episode Mark catches us up with his journey up to the top of mountain six. This whole journey has a tale. It all started before the mountains. One night on a walk with his dog Mark realized he needed something to live for. He wondered what big hairy athletic goal could he take on to re-instate some purpose, some drive into his life. Mark looked to his roots and re-discovered the mountains.

The seven summits

Mark’s new purpose, to be the first NFL player to climb the seven summits was part of a larger life challenge. Mark and his wife decided to get divorced. Shortly after that, Mark’s father passed.

These two life altering and painful events focused Mark on his tasks. Mark knew that getting to the top of these mountains offered more than just the achievement itself.

Summit one, Kilimanjaro, offered the first unexpected reward; Working with Chris Long and his Water Boys project. Chris’ work delivering fresh water to African villages netted him the 2018 Walter Payton award.

More To Come

Mark has no intention of resting at Seven Summits. He plans to venture to the top of the tallest mountain in every state. He also plans to help Chris expand his work to bring water to villages. He’s even talking about taking on another polar challenge, but that’s for another episode.

E-Learning Course

Be sure to check out Mark’s new e-learning course here. Mark has a free PDF that gets you started. He’s also got an assessment tool designed to help you achieve your goals.

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