091: Mark Pattison – Reflections from the Top of Summit Six

June 10, 2019

Mark Pattison

This episode of Finding Your Summit will be a little different because I won’t be inviting a guest to join me. For this episode, I’ll be speaking with you directly to share my own story with you in greater detail. But first, allow me to give you a little background and context, especially if you are new to the Finding Your Summit podcast or if you are unfamiliar with my post-football work as a motivational speaker.

My name is Mark Pattison and I am a former wide receiver in the NFL, where I played for the Raiders, Rams and Saints. Since retiring from my football career, I have been dedicated to challenging my own limits, and one of my life goals is to become the first NFL player to ever climb the Seven Summits, the tallest mountain on each of the seven continents. To date, I have successfully climbed six of the seven, with the most recent being the Vinson Massif in Antarctica.

I am also an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and leadership consultant, and I believe passionately in giving others the push they need to exceed their limits, conquer their fears, and find their summits. In addition to my professional work as a motivational speaker, I passionately believe in the incredible and transformative power of philanthropic work. That is why I partnered with Chris Long of the Philadelphia Eagles and his foundation, Waterboys.org, to help install life-sustaining water wells throughout Tanzania.

On this very personal episode of Finding Your Summit, I share my journey and the experiences that helped shaped me into the individual I am today, as well as the goals I hope to achieve for the future. I hope this will be a great opportunity for you to get to know me better and to learn what drives me to continue moving forward. It is truly a pleasure and an honor to be able to share my personal story with you in today’s episode.

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What You Will Learn:

  • I take you through the challenges I faced when I found myself in a difficult relationship and a very empty and lonely point in my life, and I discuss how changing my own mindset allowed me to bring my life back into alignment.
  • I explain why I turned to mountain climbing and set a goal to be the first NFL player to ever successfully climb the Seven Summits. I fully engaged in this challenge, and I discuss why this was a life changing decision for me.
  • I share my experience of climbing the first of the Seven Summits, and I explain how empowering the accomplishment was for me. I also share how the climbing I was doing helped me get through a difficult divorce.
  • Hear why I got involved in the Waterboys foundation, and what work we do to give to and assist the villagers of Tanzania. I share my great honor of participating in this incredible organization.
  • Learn why I decided to begin the Finding Your Summit podcast, and why I have been honored to be able to have conversations with some of my incredible, inspiring guests.
  • I share why I recently turned to a PR firm to help me monetize my content and promote the Waterboys foundation, and I discuss why my current work as a motivational speaker is a fantastic way to meet incredible people and spread a powerful message.

Finding Purpose by Challenging Myself

When I was experiencing difficulties in my marriage that would ultimately end in divorce, I was in a lonely place. That was when I realized that I needed to make some changes in my life and give myself an athletic challenge that I could focus on, which is why I chose to climb the Seven Summits. After researching and discovering that no NFL player had ever accomplished the challenge, I resolved to do it myself.

By finding a challenge I could focus on, I found renewed purpose in my life. That’s why climbing a mountain is such an incredible metaphor for life. It is hard to keep going sometimes, but the feeling of being at the top is incomparable. When I had completed the first of the Seven Summits, I knew I was hooked.

Finding Purpose by Helping Others

Of course, climbing mountains isn’t my only goal in life. I also believe passionately in helping others, which is why I got involved with the Waterboys organization. Being able to help provide clean, life-giving water to the villagers of Tanzania is a feeling like little else. To know that something we often take for granted can completely revitalize an entire village is profound.

This is also why I work as a motivational speaker. I know that I can help organizations, teams and business leaders find the same empowerment and drive to break through challenges that I find when I am climbing mountains. My purpose is to serve others and to challenge myself. I have found my summit, and I hope that I can help you find yours.

Follow Mark’s attack on his 6th summit, VINSON! on his expedition’s tab.

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